Who is doing this?

This & That Tapes is based out of East Falls, Philadelphia, and is run by Joe Carlough of the zine press Displaced Snail Publications.

Why are you doing this?

I wanted to work more with musicians, but keep my zine ethos - make things by hand, make connections with people who work in the DIY stratosphere, keep costs low and keep quality high. So T&TT is homegrown and homemade: each tape is duped by hand, each sleeve printed and assembled in my home studio.

Tapes don’t have to go out of production if there’s never any stock. Most runs will be limited by the amount of tapes I have - I had 48 tapes with 18 minutes on each side, so Spencer Moody’s Cleopatra Cassette is limited to 48. Or maybe it isn’t, maybe we’ll make more in the future. I’m not dealing in rarity.

Prefer digital files? No problem, you can get those, too! Like records? Well, I can’t do those at home…yet.

What’s This & That Tapes all about?

T&TT is about having fun, making connections, and supporting artists. All money is split on a 60/40 basis - each artist makes more than the label does, every sale. Artists are paid monthly, and the money that comes in to T&TT stays in the label to support our own tours, pop-up shops, equipment, distribution fees, etc.

Why don’t you have a Bandcamp?

Fine! I made a Bandcamp. People seem to like it.

So wait, each release comes with a digital download AND the tape rip?

Yup! Listen, I like cassettes. I like the hiss, I like the lo-fi sound of them. That’s the sound I envision when an artist sends me their music. Why should folks without tape players miss out on that feeling? Each purchase also comes with a download of the album ripped directly from one of the tapes. Instead of the full album cut up into songs, you essentially get Side A and Side B, so you get to feel like you’re listening to it on cassette. I’m not trying to penalize anyone for not having a tape deck. Neat, huh?

Can I send you my demo?

Sure! Feel free to send along your music, but I can’t make any promises. Since this is a one-man operation, I’m not putting out much music just yet. But who knows where this project will take me!

Do you have a sound bite for the label?

“Cassettes are the zine of the music world!”