Gravey Train

Based out of Philadelphia, Gravey Train creates sweet n' sad, moon-themed country folk music. Whether singing the graces of Bev's Diner on the Moon or pining for that Pale Blue Dot, Gravey Train's songs will have you feeling great about your place in this universe. 

Gravey Train features vocals by Joe Carlough (who runs This & That Tapes and the zine press Displaced Snail Publications) and vocals and guitar by Chris Baldys (who records as little stray and plays in Rabbits to Riches).

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from joe

Fun! Gravey Train is the moon-themed folk comedy duo I started with Chris of little stray, who was featured on the first tape. We write a lot of songs about the moon and play a lot of un-serious shows. For this first tape, we recorded the whole thing on a slightly busted tape recorder from the early ‘80s, and you can hear it. I’ve never considered myself a musician, and I’m still not one - I start singing something about the moon, and Chris makes a beautiful song to surround it. But it works, and we have fun, and you can feel it. I’m really excited to pair this music with Joe Jack’s; he’s a really funny person and his music shows it.