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Estonian-based duo HUNT, meaning "wolf" in Estonian, is light but catchy. It blends indie-soul and electro beats with a post-romantic attitude in vocals and visuals. HUNT is Hannaliisa Uusma (vocals, music, lyrics) and Brigitta Davidjants (keys, music, kanoon). The duo was founded in 2016 in Tallinn.

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from joe

My partner Katie and I spend a lot of time dreaming where to go when we want to go away on vacation, and a lot of our tourism lately has revolved around zine tourism - where in the world are zines popular, or up-and-coming, or still underground, but findable? Well, last time we were cruising the internet, I read an interesting article about the rise of zines in Tallinn, Estonia, and the city’s vibrant music scene. So I spent some time reading about music in Estonia, and toying with the idea of visiting during one of their music festivals. We haven’t done so yet, but we have been able to find out about HUNT.

I read about and listened to all of the artists playing shows for Tallinn Music Week, and while HUNT’s last album, Fragment of…, Katie looked up and said, “Who is this? They’re so good!” And they are! Tiptoeing the line between pop music and experimental, HUNT blends genres and emotions, feeling at one moment like an ecstatic dance song, the next like that moment when you realize that the snowy water is seeping in through your boots. I’m super excited to feature then on a T&TT split.



Coming in August 2019