Ogikubo Station

A few years back, Mike Park had asked Maura Weaver to sing on a song he had written. Nothing fancy, just guitar and voices. As they finished the song, they both thought to themselves "our voices sound really good together" and so Ogikubo Station was born. The duo recorded their debut 6 song EP in 2017 and on August 24th, 2018 the band released their debut full length "We Can Pretend Like." 11 songs going back and forth with acoustic and full band arrangements. Songs that dive into the heart of love, loss, alcoholism, racism, and everyday life.

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from joe

When I was in high school, I got myself a Skankin’ Pickle t-shirt, and I wore it nearly to death. I’ve been behind Mike Park’s releases ever since, and Asian Man Records has represented what I wanted my life to be - DIY, self-run, self-styled, innovative, youthful and fun. As I (gracefully) enter my mid-30s, I’m so excited to be starting T&TT, and even more excited to feature one of the more influential folks of my youth. This collaboration between Mike Park and Maura Weaver of Mixtapes has just been wonderful. She’s a new talent to me and I’m really excited to dig into her catalogue more - have you seen her on the Punks in Vegas videos? They’re really good!

I wanted to mix Ogikubo Station with Philly’s Strange Parts, and I’m so glad it worked out. OS has the same raucous energy, and shine brightly in contrast to the deep fuzzed out drums that drive SP. Who else is keeping their fingers crossed for an East Coast tour featuring these two?