Ogikubo Station + Strange Parts Split Download

Ogikubo Station + Strange Parts Split Download


A split tape featuring a new EP by Philadlephia bedroom psych band Strange Parts and a selection of Ogikubo Station songs, curated by Asian Man Records founder Mike Park, and OS covers by T&TT artists Joe Jack Talcum and A Good Host. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this tape, for a variety of reasons, but here are two of them: when I first heart Strange Parts, I knew I had to work with them. And sure enough, Corey, Attia, and Chris are super lovely people, and the music they make is tight, interesting, and next level when it comes to local bands. I also can’t tell you how excited I am to put out Ogikubo Station - I’m an emo kid at heart, and I still have my Skankin’ Pickle shirt <3

What do I get with this digital download?
- A new Strange Parts EP in MP3
- A list of Ogikubo Station Songs in MP3, including 2 covers by T&TT artists
- Both full EPs ripped directly from a tape so you get to hear them as they would sound on cassette

Strange Parts - Bread St. Oasis
Strange Parts - JEM
Strange Parts - Tell Me Bout It
Strange Parts - Khalik
Ogikubo Station - Drowning at the Watering Hole
Ogikubo Station - Rest Before We Go to War
Ogikubo Station - Take a Piece of All That’s Good
Ogikubo Station - The Prettiest One
Ogikubo Station - This World Breaks Your Heart and Makes You Grey
Ogikubo Station - I’ve Been Thinking of St. Louis
Joe Jack Talcum - Take a Piece of All That’s Good
A Good Host - The Prettiest One
Strange Parts - Tape Rip
Ogikubo Station - Tape Rip

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