Potential Gospel - 2016-2019 Digital Download

Potential Gospel - 2016-2019 Digital Download


I met Zack about 4 years ago - he worked with my sister. He came to one of the first house shows we ever put on, and by the end of that show, his band was scheduled to play at our next event. Let me set the scene for you: there were roughly thirty of us, sitting in a hushed silence, some eyes closed, feeling the warmth and sweetness of Zack & Kelsey’s harmonies, living in the worlds they created. A couple years later, another show, Andy’s with them, an electric guitar plugged into a little metal amp, and he’s sitting cross-legged on the floor and whimsically plucking through the songs. Potential Gospel brought something new to our house: it wasn’t a show, it was a communion. A communion with the music, with the band, with each other person sitting on the floor. I’m as in awe of their music now as I was then.

Here’s what you get with the purchase of this download:
- The digital download of the album
- The digital download of the album ripped from the tape

Want to know what this album will sound like? Give it a listen on my Bandcamp <3

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