Spencer Moody // little stray Split Zine

Spencer Moody // little stray Split Zine


Ah man, here it is, This & That Tapes’ first release! I’m so excited to bring you a wonderful split, featuring the fantastic musician, visual artist, poet, and Murder City Devils frontman, Spencer Moody sharing music with Philadelphia’s own little stray, solo project of Rabbits to Riches guitarist and all-around-wonderful-person Chris Baldys. This collection features a lot of acoustic guitars and emotions, some witty and relatable lyrics, and songs that’ll be stuck in your head FOREVER.

Every aspect of this zine that I can control was made in-house: the covers and pages were printed in my studio, the zines folded and stapled by hand. This is so friggin’ cool.

Here’s what you get with the purchase of this zine:
- The split zine of lyrics with an intro by each artist
- The digital download of the whole split
- The digital download of the split ripped from the tape

Want to know what this split is going to sound like? Head to Spencer’s and Chris’s artist pages ;)

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