Subscribe to get Spencer's next 7 cassettes, zines, and digital downloads

Subscribe to get Spencer's next 7 cassettes, zines, and digital downloads

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So Spencer and I were talking the other day and planning out his next few releases when it hit us that…well, there are going to be a lot of them over the next year. We’re continuing the poetry series, releasing new albums, putting together cassingles of b-sides from old albums, and more. So, if you’re as big a fan of Spencer’s work as I am, you’re probably going to want to get all of it. But why deal with the hassle of ordering everything piece by piece, when you can get it upfront for a discounted price, and know that you’ll be promised extras? Here’s what will be included:

  1. The Cleopatra Cassette full length album - out now!

  2. Notes on The Cleopatra Cassette, a zine of annotated lyrics - out now!

  3. Poetry Book #3 - due out late 2019

  4. A cassingle of 2 new songs from the vaults of Spencer’s career - due out late 2019

  5. Poetry Book #4 - due out early 2020

  6. A companion piece for poetry book #4 - due out early 2020

  7. A split tape with another T&TT artist - due out early 2020

As a subscriber, you’ll get the first few of each object made, and most will be of a more special variety that what will be otherwise offered - the poetry books will be handbound instead of stapled, the cassettes will be master quality and not duplicate quality, some various objects may be signed, and more.

This package is being offered in two styles: one which includes all of the cassettes, zines, and digital downloads for $50 instead of $62, and one that contains just the zines and digital downloads for $30 instead of $38, for anyone without a tape deck - but remember, you WILL get downloads of the albums ripped from a cassette, so you can still get that hissy experience =) There will be no difference in the amount of music you get, just the format in which you get it.

Unfortunately, I can only offer the Zine + Download version for international folx, shipping would be sort of wild for the cassette version. If you’re really after the cassette version, though, send me a note and we’ll discuss!

NOTE: This listing will end on August 5th, when Cleopatra orders begin shipping <3

ALSO NOTE: Aside from a few extra fun goodies and things here and there, everything offered in this subscription will be sold on its own over the next year, so if you can’t afford this now or don’t want to buy in bulk, don’t worry, you can pick it up later =)

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