2019 Subscription - Digital

2019 Subscription - Digital

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Do you trust me? I mean, really, do you trust me to put out good releases that you’re going to enjoy? Well, you should. Show that trust by signing up for the 2019 subscription series and get each release as it comes out, before anyone else.

Pay once up front for the releases and don’t think about it again - the seven official releases put out this year will be sent to your email’s doorstep.

So what’s included in this subscription? With the zine subscription, you’ll get:
- each zine that comes with each cassette put out by T&TT this year*
- the digital download of every album put out by T&TT this year*
- the digital download ripped from every tape put out by T&TT this year*

Excited? You should be. Here’s the release schedule as it looks at the moment:

1st Release - February 21st - little stray // Spencer Moody
2nd Release - March 21st - Make Like a Tree
3rd Release - April 28th - Serengeti*
4rd Release - May 15th - Gravey Train // Joe Jack Talcum
5th Release - June 7th - Potential Gospel
6th Release - July 1st - Summer Compilation
7th Release - August 1st - Strange Parts // Ogikubo Station
8th Release - November 1st - New Mysterian // HUNT

In the event that I put out more than 8 releases this year, they will be offered at a discounted price to all subscribers.

*For contractual reasons, the Serengeti tape will not come with a zine or digital download and you will not be charged for it with the digital subscription

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