Serengeti - Kenny Vs. The Dark Web Cassette

Serengeti - Kenny Vs. The Dark Web Cassette


My zine press, Displaced Snail, released the prologue comic to an upcoming graphic novel by rapper Serengeti last year, and we’re releasing the second printing! T&TT was happy to pitch in and design // release the soundtrack to the comic on cassette. Pick up the comic here and get listening!

Tapes are mastered in my home studio and duped by hand using a Tascam deck and a few stereo Recordex machines. Labels and j-cards are printed in-house, and the tapes will come in a soft poly case, attractive and protective, but much less prone to shattering than the hard plastic cases.

Oh yeah, and as if it couldn’t get any better, the tape also comes with a download of the song Get It While the Gettin’ Is Good, available for free here.

  • Note: This tape does NOT come with a digital download.

Cat. No. T&TT003

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