David Cohn, who raps as Serengeti, has released many projects as his Chicago neighborhood guy, telephone repairman alter-ego, Kenny Dennis. His song `Dennehy' has been used as a theme song for sports talk radio shows, movie scenes, and comedy specials. 

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from joe

I first worked with Geti in early 2018, when he wanted to put out a comic and talk about publishing a graphic novel. At the time, I was doing some freelance zine work for his then-label Joyful Noise Recordings, and they thought Iā€™d be a good fit for this project. We pulled off a whole campaign: shirts, comics, posters, even a printed baseball skin with images from the comic. I approached him about doing a second run when we sold out of the initial 250, and floated the idea of putting out a cassette of music to go along with the comic. He was down - turns out he had already done a limited release vinyl for the Kenny vs. The Dark Web comic soundtrack. And here we are!

Pick up the comic here, and get the cassette here.