Spencer Moody

Spencer Moody lives in Los Angeles and works as a ride share driver, janitor, and furniture builder. He has been in bands and made songs since he was a teen. Most known for his work with the Murder City Devils.

Spencer also writes, paints, and makes things out of wood, etc...

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from joe

I’ve been a fan of Spencer’s music, in its different iterations, for over a decade. About a year ago, I wrote to him to see if he’d be interested in working on a zine project with me, and together we released a small collection of his poetry, A Halloween Poem for Children and Fifteen Other Short Poems, Plus Mother Nail, a Song. (By the way, I still have a handful of copies of the zine available for purchase!) I’m really proud of what we made together, and I am also really proud of this tape. I think Spencer is one of the premier talents these days, finding new and innovative ways to make music and art that’s deeply steeped in poetry, genre-melding, and good ol’ fashioned heart.

I’m really excited that Spencer can feature on T&TT’s first release with little stray, a great friend of mine and a Philadelphia gem. I think Spencer and little stray share a sensibility for creating straightforward, emotional, acoustic-guitar-driven songs, and I can’t think of a better duo to pair for T&TT’s first release.